I-Da Chiang

PhD candidate at CASS, UCSD
E-mail: idchiang at ucsd.edu

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About me

Welcome to my github page! My name is I-Da Chiang (江宜達). I am a PhD student at University of California, San Diego in the Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences (CASS). I am a member of Prof. Karin Sandstrom’s nearby galaxies group.

My research focuses on the study of the relations between dust, metal, and neutral gas in the interstellar medium of spatially resolved nearby galaxies, especially how these relations depend on local physical environments. I am also intertested in SED fitting techniques and radio astronomy in general.

Here are some selected works:

  1. The Spatially Resolved Dust-to-metals Ratio in M101: we use the modified blackbody model and archival multi-wavelnght observation to show that the dust-to metals ratio in M101 is not constant. The varying dust-to-metals ratio in M101 is highly correlated to the molecular hydrogen fraction.

  2. The Resolved Distributions of Dust Mass and Temperature in Local Group Galaxies: we utilize the far-infrared observation from Herschel observatory to derive the dust properties in the local group galaxies. We show that the unresolved studies could possibly overestimate the dust temperature and underestimate the overall dust surface density.